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Wholesale stainless steel flasks and hip flasks never go out of style! Buy hip flasks, flask gift sets or a thousand flasks and save buying wholesale. Flasks have been the traditional gifts from grooms or groomsmen. Most of our flasks are suitable for engraving. We also carry specialty flasks with motorcycle, hunting and fishing, golf themes and more. There are many gift items to choose from for a person who likes to carry his drink around. But the best gift for this person would be a personalized hip flask. A hip flask is a flat empty bottle that has been designed specially for safely carrying liquid without any leakage or spillage. It is called a 'hip' flask because it is flat and is often carried in the back pocket of one's trousers. Over time, hip flasks have become really popular items because of their durability and hardiness. They can take regular travel and beating and still hold the liquid inside them in an air locked state. They achieve this by their usual all metal body and secure, precise screw-in cap that renders the flask airtight once sealed in properly.Hip flasks come in a variety of makes and there is something for every type of personality. There is the original, simple metal hip flask with a variety of finishes like mirror and textured. You will also get personalized hip flasks with a metal core and a finish of leather and green Scottish plaid, which can considered to be quite manly. To infuse some color into the scene, you can choose from the spectrum range. There are also personalized hip flask gift sets and leather encrusted hip flasks. So no matter who the person is, you can be sure that hip flasks make the ideal personalized gift.

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