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Every motorcycle enthusiast knows that protective motorcycle clothing and accessories are essential to the overall riding experience. This is the reason why businesses that provide the world with their need for motorcycle jackets, motorcycle vests, motorcycle chaps, motorcycle helmets, motorcycle gloves and others have been doing well. Help satisfy the needs of your customers through the product offerings at Jillian Distributors. We offer competitively priced wholesale leather motorcycle clothing which you will find as a great value. Let's get started today with our Wholesale Leather Motorcycle Clothing and accessories.

Wholesale Leather Jackets

The leather jacket is an iconic piece of clothing. The piece of clothing is so compelling and versatile that it resonates with the punker to the police officer. The material makeup of leather is so malleable and breathable that is can be fashioned in an infinite number of ways to suit the needs of the person who is wearing it. Leather jackets achieved full-fledge icon status in the 2oth century in part by a counterculture movement in movies and television. Marlon Brando's portrayal of a leather bound biker in the 1953 movie The Wild One and the greaser looks in Happy Days donning the vintage motorcycle wholesale leather jackets, followed by John Travolta in Grease.

Our wholesale leather jackets are designed to last a lifetime -- or at least to survive a motorcycle accident. The original leather jackets were designed to act as a second skin with the intent of protecting the body from major cuts and bruises. Buy wholesale leather jackets from Jillian Distributors.

Wholesale Leather Vests

Motorcycle leather vests is not only a matter of style, but a matter of safety too. Choose leather vests that adds positively to your personality, that offers enough year-round weather protection and that gives physical safety. Whether you want to add to your biker gear style or safety, this simple guide will help you to sort among the best features to select the best wholesale leather motorcycle vest to suit your needs on the road any time of the year.Vest material A classic leather biker vest is still one of the best options when it comes to motorcycle gear. It not only offers adequate protection. When choosing a quality, thick leather jacket like cowhide or buffalo hide, it helps to reinforce your body. Still, you will find other motorcycle vests with the same quality that offers a different style like Kevlar with the added advantage of being lighter while still helping you to stay dry under rainy weather. Finding the right size To choose the correct motorcycle vest, take into consideration other clothing that you normally wear when riding your bike. You need a biker jacket and vest that can give you the extra room inside for thick clothing during the winter, but not as bulky to make you float inside in the warmer months. Choose a cooling vest with air vents that allow air circulation during the warmer months. High-visibility vests High-visibility vests are designed for extra safety on the road. These are vests made with highly reflective material to alert other motorists about your presence on the road. These special hi-viz vests come in two basic designs: Hi-viz patches are strategically placed around the vest, and full outer shell reflective material is placed around the vest. These vests also incorporate features to make you ride comfortable during the cold and hot months of the year.

Wholesale Leather Chaps

Riding a motorcycle exposes you to the elements and environment. Protective gear such as a good pair of chaps can keep you warm, dry and offer some protection in the event of a minor accident. Heavy leather chaps and a leather jacket and gloves are all necessary protective gear. Even in summer months chaps are a good choice to protect yourself from possible injury during a minor crash, or even from the constant impact of bugs on bare skin. Comfort riding in the open wind means your body temperature can drop quickly. Wholesale Leather chaps cover one of the areas hit directly by the wind, your legs. This can preserve warmth while riding and offer some protection from the elements in most conditions. Wearing chaps year round is a good idea so be sure to add features that will make you more comfortable. Buy wholesale leather chaps from Jillian Distributors!

Wholesale Leather Motorcycle Gloves

If you have been out riding on the streets on a freezing iciness nighttime, you will know why no rider should venture out without gloves. There is very useful to your fingers, which can otherwise grow numb making it very difficult for you to control the bike. Though, it is important that you should know how to buy winter motorcycle gloves. Or else, you may end up getting the wrong two of a kind of gloves. The best gloves will offer pre-curved the fingers to provide improved feel and instantaneous soothe. When you will be try on a pair of winter gloves, wind your fingers firmly to check for constriction or bunching of the fabric, which will drive you crazy on the road. In adding up, try to get your hand around a throttle before you buy, since you may not notice possible sore spots until you've got the grip in your hand. But the good gloves have pre-curved fingers to give better flexibility and comfort. While trying a pair curl your fingers strongly and see if you feel relaxed or if the fabric bunches up. Try to grip and strangle with the gloves on to see how it would in fact feel. Motorcycle gloves are the mostly imagine single. As the name suggests these are for the iciness season. These are made of the best solid leather material. They offer the warmness required in the icy, these gloves offer much safety than the summer gloves. I think mostly all the motorcycle gloves are made from leather. Leather is the best fabric that offers comfort and warmness both. Leather also is a perfect material to give defense to hands in casing of accidents. When you are going to the sports cloth shop there you will find many types of motorcycle gloves, every types of glove have their own benefits. The motorcycle gloves have many caring features. These gloves can protect your hands from cuts and bruises. The gloves are also first-class to protect your hands from freezing. I think it is very most important that you wear a motorcycle glove when you going to travel. A glove offers you a firm grip on the ride and this is the most important part of safety driving, if your grip on the ride is firm you can drive safely.

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